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Canada is the second largest country in the world spanning from the Pacific Ocean in the West to the Atlantic Ocean in the East and Northward to the Arctic. Composed of ten provinces and three territories each one is unique in character and landscape giving visitors a different experience around every corner.

The offerings in Canada are endless. Wizz down the slopes of Whistler and Fernie, head to Churchill to spot polar bears, hike the rugged mountain ranges, enjoy the variety of cuisine on offer and embrace the French influence and culture.

Not only does Canada comprise of British and French influence, the Aboriginal people and their culture play a major role in Canada. Their art, music and traditional ways can be viewed and experienced throughout the land which offers visitors a unique insight into their past and present day.

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Journey to Big White

We were up bright eyes and bushy tailed (well beady eyes and bushed tails!) at 4.30am this morning for our transfer from Banff to Calgary. All our drivers have been really friendly and chatty but I was quietly relieved when this driver discretely turned off the bus lights 10 minutes after the journey began to let us continue sleeping.

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Skiing Big White

I woke early to the sound of the snow plows heading up the mountain - what a perfect alarm clock at a ski resort. After a hearty breakfast and purchasing a bright pink crash helmet we headed up the mountain for a full day skiing. We paid for ski lessons in the morning and then used the expertise of the mountain hosts in the afternoon. All these guys (and girls) are awesome and so knowledgeable.

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Skiing Silver Star

We skied the whole day today at Silver Star in British Columbia, Canada and we had perfect blue skies, no wind and only one or two people on any run we went on - unmatched skiing conditions. This day has officially gone down as my skiing day highlight. WOW.

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